Dr. med. Mathias P. Dosch

After a one year internship in a cancer clinic, Dr. Dosch studied medicine at the University of Halle / Wittenberg. He then graduated from the University of Munich, Germany. He made his first medical steps in the department of inner medicine and neurology of the hospital Munich-Harlaching.

Karikatur Dr. Dosch

He then worked in the department of accident surgery and gynaecology in the hospital of Haag in Bavaria. After making all these diverse experiences, he opened his own practice in 1975..

His father Dr. Peter Dosch - one of a handful of the original Huneke students, who founded neural therapy - convinced his son of the amazing results of this form of therapy in an early stage.

It was actually his father, who tought Dr. Mathias Dosch this form of therapy so that he became an expert himself.

Dr. Mathias Dosch has been giving courses and lectures in neural therapy since 1975. Until 1990, he was Vice President of the International Society for Neural Therapy. He teaches and lectures on neural therapy at the University of Munich since 1995 and is consulting physician at the special clinic for neural therapy.

The cartoonist of "Süddeutschen Zeitung" (a major german newspaper), Ernst-Maria Lang, showed his appreciation by drawing the above cartoon "The Mathias Dosch Effect". He described the effects of neural therapy as "The pain devils scream and flee, the doctor kicked them out of me".

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