Disorders disappear and
Recovery is often possible within a few seconds

Neural therapy eliminates or at least positively influences disorders through the autonomic system. This is achieved by injections of a so-called local anaesthetic (locally operating pain medication). Here, Procaine or Lidocaine are mostly used.

The autonomic system bears its name because it functions independently, mostly uninfluenced by our conscience. It connects all our organs with the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and transports information maintaining the regulation of our independently working body functions. When malfunctions in organs, muscles, or in tissues (even injuries, infections, chemical or mechanic influences) occur, the autonomic system transports a disturbing pulse. This often results in pain.

Neural therapy is - among other reasons - successful because it influences this interference field that evolves from information reaching surrounding tissues. An interference field is also any point and any organ that has mutated in any form or for any reason. These interference fields are rarely found with general examination methods. They can cause diseases in other organs. The disturbing point can be inactive for years and then be activated by internal or external impulses. Causes can be colds, operations, but also mental injuries.

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