Mathias Dosch

Atlas of Neural Therapy with Local Anesthetics

A clear and concise work on neural therapy.

Neural therapy - injecting procaine or lidocaine into specific nerve and tissue sites to restore proper bioelectrical function - is rapidly gaining worldwide acceptance as an effective complement to orthodox medical techniques. This has been bolstered by the large number of studies by well-know physicians establishing that the results obtained by neural therapy are firmly grounded in modern scientific research.

Here, the principles and techniques of neural therapy are all demonstrated with exceptionally clear, full-colour photographs. The accompanying text gives full instructions on administering the injections, including indications, materials and techniques, plus insertion point, direction and depth.

This new edition features many key revisions and updates, including new sections focusing on dental procedures and segmental therapy techniques.

This book is available in German, English, and French and will soon be available in Korean and Russian.

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